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Health Guard

Date:2016-05-19 10:58:09   View:345

The company's health guardian is combined with a stylish appearance dumbbell way ancient Chinese medicine meridians to support bone health methods and music for young and middle-aged health care and development of a product. It allows middle-aged friends old music and fitness while reducing the incidence of atherosclerosis, and can improve bone younger, active Tongmai other effects, to achieve fitness regimen double effect. The technical highlights refer to the following:

1, EMS micro-current major use of low frequency band of electromagnetic waves health care. Which refers 300MHz-300GHz microwave electromagnetic waves. EMS micro-current due to the lower frequency of electromagnetic waves, currents easily through the air gap between the electrode and the skin, a major role in the skin. You can take advantage of the thermal effects in the human body through the play a significant role in health and health care.

2, micro-vibration fretting refers to high frequency, low intensity, can promote the growth of young bone tissue, blood vessels and can increase oxygen and nutrients and to promote the motility of biologically active substances, so that the body cells migrate old, new enhancements germ cell generation.

3, music therapy by both physiological and psychological ways to alleviate the disease extension. On the one hand, sound wave frequency and sound pressure can cause psychological reactions. Frequency, rhythm and regular acoustic vibrations of music, is a physical energy, and moderate physical energy will cause the human tissue cells harmonious resonance phenomenon enables cranial, thoracic or one organization resonance, sound waves caused by this resonance, will directly affect the
Human brain waves, heart rate, breathing rhythm.

4, infrared technology is through deep infrared near-infrared thermal effects of human tissue, increase tissue temperature expansion, blood vessels, promote blood circulation, increase metabolism, improve cell viability and tissue regeneration. Infrared can ease chronic inflammation, and can improve blood circulation, increase phagocytosis, eliminate swelling, promote inflammation dissipated.

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